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Being a partner

Target Earth Foundation is always looking for you! We believe the best donation is your time and efforts. Our dream is to build a global cleanup community of passionate people and organizations who are willing to dedicate their time and effort to make our planet a little bit cleaner. A partner can be any organization who is passionate about a cleaner planet. Some examples are:

  • Existing cleanup organizations. Please partner up as together we are stronger. Post and share your cleanups to inspire others.
  • Cleanup locations: are you a Beach restaurant or a company located in a polluted area? We need you to cleanup your area and host events with us, whilst inspiring your employeees and many others.
  • Companies who are willing to donate resources and funds
  • Companies who would like to execute a local cleanup with us and their personnel or customers.
  • Existing charities who would like to partner up and connect.
  • Waste management companies
  • Governmental organizations
  • Schools
  • or any other organization.

A partner pledges only one thing: we are passionate about making our planet healthier and cleaner together.

We believe a community involves all of us. So please join and partner up. Show your company logo on our website by registering on a company profile page in our Cleanup Community and contribute to a plastic and waste free planet.

Our platform

The Cleanup Community is an online platform where you can register your cleanup event and get local and international support. By posting your cleanup on our map after registering you are now able to reach more people who are just as passionate as you are about making our planet a little bit cleaner and healthier. Volunteers can register for your local cleanup, and you can share the results as to inspire others with your efforts. With our online platform we strive to bring people and organizations together so we can collectively make waves of positive change. It doesn’t matter if you are someone who has never done a cleanup before, someone who performs cleanups daily or if you are an experienced cleanup organization. Our platform has been designed to bring all of us together and show that if we unite, we can be so much more effective. We strive to be THE platform for global cleanups.

On our platform you can register your solo cleanups, your public cleanups and create events for others to join. By sharing the results, you can inspire others, and, on our platform, you can connect to other volunteers, ambassadors or organizations. We don’t like the word competitor or competition. We are in this together and only together will we make the impact we have all been dreaming about. So please: register your organization, initiative and your daily cleanups on our platform and connect with others.

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