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After the success of the 2020 Beach Cleanup Tour, in 2021 our founder Daan worked together with Steef de Ruijter, fellow environmental enthusiast, to clean the entire Dutch coast again and raise awareness. They wanted people to actively join them, so they decided to launch a whole series of cleanups throughout the entire summer. The goal was to help raise awareness about plastic, litter, ocean plastic and our contribution as consumers to this environmental challenge. They raised funds for the WWF and Target Earth as well. In May 2021 they started with The Beach Cleanup Tour: Warm up. in three weekends, they organized 6 public cleanup events in which over 25o people joined. Together they cleaned a lot of plastic, just before the summer season would start. In July they started their Beach Cleanup NL event. Daan started in Den Helder in the north and Steef in Cadzand in the south and they walked towards each other in only 11 days. in these 11 days they organized no less then 28 cleanups: 22 beach cleanups in 11 days;  2 beaches per day, and in the mornings, they also added City cleanups and cleaned entire city centers. Over 400 people who joined and they cleared over 2500Kg’s of plastic and waste. There was national press awareness again! 

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