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Our founder Daan wanted to raise awareness in the Covid year 2020. He decided to walk all of the North Sea beaches of The Netherlands and clean up plastic waste. Het started on 8-8-2020 in Den Helder and finished 23 days later on 30-08-2020 in Cadzand, near the Belgian border. 

Along the way he walked 23 stages and started and finished in a new city each day. The total distance was over 300km, and over 500 people decided to walk along a part of the tour. over 2000 kg’s of small plastic waste was cleared from the beaches and there was national press coverage! Awesome right? 

The goal was to help raise awareness about plastic, litter, ocean plastic and our contribution as consumers to this environmental challenge. He raised funds for Target Earth and The Ocean Cleanup as well. We can make the world a little bit more beautiful every day and Daan proved that. He also introduced Plogging to the Dutch, Jogging and picking up plastic, a fun and active way of making the world and yourself healthier. 

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